A generative design tool to help imagine possible near futures
Project Role:

Concept & Visual Creative Director, Co-Graphic Designer
(Card Deck Concept: Significant evolution from existing first edition)   
01 Designing Alternative Futures
In collaboration with the Near Future Laboratory, I created a Design Fiction Work Kit to be used in workshops with participants from corporate clients to students. The goal of the kit is to help designers consider alternative future states that blow up the status quo and consider the unequal and unexpected impacts of shifts in technology, products and services.
Each deck of cards has five categories: object, tone, adjective, archetype and action. All cards were selected based on their relevancy to culture, trends and technology in 2019, since this deck will be re-designed annually. Each deck also has 70 / 20 / 10 cards, a game feature which pushes participants beyond a techno-deterministic mindset to consider shifts in technology that may support one group’s wellbeing at the expense of another’s. 
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